The expert committee failed in the Revision task of Textbooks, the row is exacerbated

Basavaraj Horatti MLC and former Chairman of the Karnataka Legislative Council, has blamed government officials for the problems and chaos in the Department of Education in the State.
By Edunews Team


Basavaraj Horatti participated in the Meet the Press organized by the Dharwad District Union of Working Journalists (DDUWJ) in Hubballi on Friday, July 2022.  Mr. Horatti spoke at length about his journey from a physical education teacher to an MLC and his record win for the consecutive eighth time including the recent legislative election conducted recently. Mr. Horatti admitted that the officials failed to discharge their duties properly, therefore the textbook revision row remains unresolved. Replying to a query, Mr. Horatti said that no one could make the Education Department problem-free, as problems keep surfacing one after the other.  He admitted that handling the education department is a big challenge based on his work experience.  He said whoever is involved in the textbooks revision should accept their mistakes and try to rectify them based on the observations; instead, they sat upon their stance, hence the problems left unresolved. Mr. Horatti said that 70% of the educational institutions became commercial, leading to further problems and reduced quality of education. He also expresses serious concern about the marks race that nowadays, everyone is after marks but not on value and skill-based education. Parents are also preparing their children for the marks’ race.  Unless value-based education is given thrust society and the country will not grow as expected. He made it clear that it would be difficult to bring about a comprehensive change in the education system, albeit he would make honest efforts to raise genuine issues related to education and find solutions to the problems. He said from the days of his Chairman of the Legislative Council to the recent days, he had written 112 letters to the State government, but hardly had received any response.  This is a reflection on good governance.